Troubleshooting wifi and connectivity problems.

I have recently come across a few problems caused by powercuts that has left people with a wifi signal, but no internet connection.

In each case this has been caused by devices connected around the house for example Google Nest boxes, office supplied VPN boxes and even burglar alarms.

There reason they interfere is that they are trying to issue IP addresses to devices being used around the house.

Issuing IP addresses on a home network is one of the jobs of the wifi router that GGB has supplied.  You cannot have two devices trying to do this job without clashes.  If you do, it is possible that you will not be able to get online.

Here is a list of things that you can do to try to fix the problem before calling me.


These do need to be done in this order otherwise it might not work.  Please note that rebooting a device by ‘flicking the switch’ is unlikely to work.  You do need to leave things off for a few minutes.

1) Unplug Aircube (the black wifi box) from the mains and leave it off for 3 minutes.

2) Remove any cables that you have plugged into the lower ports on the back of the cube TAKING care not to unplug the upper two CABLES.

3) If you have any range extenders, remove power to them (unplug them).

4) Plug in the Aircube and wait for 2-3 minutes for it to reboot.

5) Using any device, check to see if you can get online.

6) If Yes, reconnect any cables to the lower two sockets on the Aircube.

7) Re-power all range extenders.

8) If necessary, do a speedtest, ideally with a device connected with a cable to the Aircube, by clicking on this link:


Having gone through the above steps in order, if you still cannot get online or are experiencing any other problems, please call me on 07802 748401.