We finally got rid of BT!! 

We both work from home and are ecstatic with the new broadband provisioned by GGB. Ayhan is a true gent and exceptionally helpful. 
We were struggling to even achieve a 2 MB download speed which was intermittent at peak times. 
We were constantly on the phone to BT which resulted in exasperation and annoyance. 

We recently upgraded to fibre to exchange broadband with BT hoping that would fix the issue and it made it WORSE!!

Our new service is robust and constantly achieving high speeds.

If you are in a position to leave BT or any other supplier you are currently with, We recommend you do ASAP!!
Fibre to property is years away and even when it does come, do you really want to deal with BT or any other 
off-shore helpdesk?, when Ayhan is 5 minutes away and just a phone call?

No brainer for us!!

Happy for anyone to email us and we will tell you what an excellent service this really is.: Endevorltd@gmail.com
Mike & Elle

They really care about delivering a good service and are really quick to respond to any issues.
Sandy Thwaites

This service has saved our business. After years of internet hell this service is all that we use to dream about. Magnificent!
Jeff Allen. 
Installing GGB has made such a huge difference to me. I work from home and need to be involved in video calls and conferences. 
This was not possible with the appalling BT service. I can now conference and download files. It has been very reliable, far more so than 
my wired service ever was.  Thank you, I can highly recommend the service.

Following terrible service from Sky and BT having GGB broadband available to us was great.
We can now use the internet to its full potential and the after sales service has been great.

Rob Chesman, May Cottage

Great service and reliability 100% better than BT very much recommend
Mrs Angela Brown

We now have good, consistent broadband. Every time we connect it works and it is like a miracle! We struggled for so many years with a slow
or non-existent connection. As a business we really appreciate having a superb, fast connection that we can rely on. 
From start to finish of installation Ayhan kept us informed and updated. Such good service! Plus on going updates and communication.
I cannot praise GGB enough! 
Carolyne Carter

Way better than I was expecting and so nice to be able to download a movie and be able to watch straight away
Sharon Newnham

We have our hair cut locally, we have our vehicles repaired locally, we buy our vegetables from the local farm shops, should we need a electrician, 
plumber, painter we hire locally, we even listen to local radio, and you can't beat our local postman young Garry, 
Do you know your Broadband supplier by Christian name? 
And if need be have a drink with him at the local Pub, enough said
Melv Matthews

I initially was a customer with BT Broadband with speeds of less than 1mb. 
I now have GGB as my provider and get the speeds that I require.  I would recommend GGB to anyone. 
The service is excellent and Ayhan from GGB is a pleasure to deal with.
Martin Leadbetter

I would not be able to work from home without GGB! The service is vital for me as a working mum. 
Lindsey Bowers 

Great service from a local company
Nick McCann

100% improvement on previous internet provider 👍
Mr G Wadeson

Changing over to GGB, has been the best thing for my family. 
The broadband service has been excellent, with a faster speed than our previous supplier. 
The aftercare service has been exceptional. I am so glad we changed to GGB. 
Kim H-Y 

Ayhan took great care in upgrading our broadband access, which failed because of trees blocking the signal. 
This was a time consuming and complicated process. 
Sally Godley-Maynard 
We tried the bt system and it was impossible to use in the countryside. Since connecting up with Greengrass we have had outstanding service. 
A real quality outfit. 
D & D Knapp, Clyffe Pypard 

Professional and personal service, it is great to be able to deal with someone who 'can do it
Chrissie Roberts 

From sign up to installation the process was very smooth and worked around what was convenient for me. 
Nick J.

Good communication throughout and great service most of the time. 
Nicky S

Very helpful and obliging
Janet Tucker

Up until now internet has for the last 18 years been the downside of living in the country as the signal offered though by has been dreadful 
But now since we have installed Ggbb we have an equivalent of super fast broadband which is enjoyed by the whole household 
Mr Neil Richardson

Since GGB took over, our equipment was upgraded and the service has improved dramatically. 
They are just a phone call away from resolving any problems and respond straight away. 
We are very happy with GGB.
Ellen & Mark

We had years of very poor broadband service from BT with lots of stress from very slow speeds and frequent faults leading to no service at all. 
We now have a reliable and fast broadband service with no stress.
Mrs H Bennett

The service is great and very responsive. It’s really comforting to have such an essential service provided by a reliable local business which knows 
the needs of its customers because it knows them well as neighbours. I can heartily recommend GGB
Guy Rickett

Very happy with our choice to switch to green grass broadband as even tho there has been some teething problems along the way
we have always had updates and very prompt action from Ayhan 
Virginia Harrison 
It’s been fantastic and for me working from home is great and I must be saving an hour a day!
Roger, Bremhill

A life saver with demands of kids and working from home. Great service - no call centres with GGB!
Chris Shears

Living in such a rural area no sufficient broadband through the phone line you cannot do better than to
subscribe to Green Grass Broadband
Stephen Knight

At long last we have reliable, fast internet service. We have been very happy with the results from day one.
Thank you for giving us the broadband needed for our business.
C Alliston