There is a simple way and fast way to deliver superfast broadband into Stockley and the surrounding areas.

Green Grass Broadband Ltd (GGB) is a broadband supplier registered with Ofcom.  GGB is a local business that is delivering superfast broadband to Stockley NOT using a BT landline.

You don’t even have to have a landline to apply.



How does this all work?

GGB will send broadband from Heddington (the base station) to Stockley via a few aerials using radio waves, just like TV and radio.  Every house that wants to subscribe will have a small aerial (the size of a side plate) installed on the chimney and a cable will be run into the house, very much like a TV or Sky installation.  This is connected to a wifi router and superfast broadband in in your house.

Will this make any difference to residents in Heddington?

No.  The only people it will affect are people who subscribe to the GGB service as they’ve have lovely fast broadband!

Does this affect my TV / Radio / mobile phone signal?

Not at all.

My house is really remote

No problem, some of the aerials have a range of about 60 miles.  GGB has clients capable of getting 60Mbps 5 miles from a base station.

Is it secure?

Yes, extremely.  This equipment is used worldwide to get superfast broadband into hard to reach areas.  It is tried and trusted technology with security at all stages of the network.

I’m tied into BT / another supplier for XX months.

No problem, if your broadband is less than 2Mbps, we can apply for the code to pay for your installation, and you don’t have to switch on the service until you want it.  There’ll be ZERO cost to you.  If we don’t apply for the code for your house before Christmas we’ll lose the opportunity of a free installation.

How do I know it will work?

GGB has over 160 aerials with over 100 happy clients across two local networks.   One is based in Royal Wootton Bassett and the other just outside Calne.  Please have a look at to see what others have said.

I’m happy with my speed

If your speed is less than 2Mbps and you are happy with it, great, but you’ll be doing the community a great service by agreeing to let us apply for a code – and at ZERO cost to you.  The grant will help towards creating the network for the community.  You may decide to sell your house in the future.  It’ll be a lot more desirable if it has superfast broadband.

I don’t own the property, I’m a tenant

Fine, please can you give us your landlords’ contact details.  We know from experience that landlords really want this service as it makes the property more appealing to potential tenants.

How much does it cost each month?

Subject to enough subscribers, GGB proposes to charge £40 per month for at least a 30Mbps download service with unlimited data.  This is subject to testing and will probably be faster once established.

A premium speed may be offered in due course.

Installation costs

The government grant covers all of the installation costs apart from a wifirouter.  If you are eligible, your installation will be FREE OF CHARGE (apart from the wifi router).   GGB offers a fully setup wifi router for £50 should you want a totally ‘out of the box’ solution.  You can use your own but GGB doesn’t support equipment that it hasn’t supplied.

If you don’t qualify for the grant the installation fee will be £100 (plus £50 for the router if requested).

The installation

GGB will arrange for an TV aerial installer to attach the small aerial to your house (usually on the existing TV aerial pole), run a cable down the house (like a TV coax cable), drill a hole into the house and connect it to a mains socket.  Ayhan from GGB will be part of the installation team for every installation.

At the end, you will be asked to sign a form to confirm that the installation has been carried out.  If you’d like to subscribe to the service, GGB will ask you to sign a contract which will last 12 months.  GGB will also ask you for payment for the installation/ wifi router if applicable.

The average installation takes less than two hours.

I don’t want to pay for my BT landline and another broadband service

You don’t have to.  With GGB you can move your ‘landline’ to reach you over the internet with another supplier.  (You’ll need to check that you are not in contract with your current supplier).  This technology is called VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol).  If you’ve ever used Skype or WhatsApp, you’ve already used VOIP.

The great thing about this is that

  • You can cancel your BT landline contract, saving whatever you are paying them (subject to your contract term)
  • Your monthly ‘line’ rental is FREE with online suppliers
  • There is a one month contract period.
  • Call costs can be PAYG or £9.99 per month for unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in the UK. (£14.99 covers all of Europe)

The process:

Whilst this explanation may sound daunting it really isn’t that hard.

You will need to buy a box called an Analogue Telephone Adaptor.  There are lots available on Amazon but I chose one that was less than £30.  You’ll also need a little adaptor which is about £2.50.  This requires a little bit of setting up but I will write some notes which can be followed, or, for a modest fee, I’ll set it up for you.

You will need to create an account with an online telecoms company.  This is free with the people this company:

You can then ‘port’ over your number (ask them to move your existing number over from your current supplier).  An analogy for this is changing electricity supplier.  This takes about a week (you only lose the use of your line for about 10 minutes or less).  Your calls will then be going over the internet.

Sipgate has lots of features and I have setup my ‘home’ number to be answered by sipgate directly.  If you call 01793 731268 please leave a message with your name and house name and I’ll be able to demonstrate one of the features of the free service.

You can then cancel your current contract IF you are out of it. (You will be charged for the 30 day notice period).