Occasionally I’m asked ‘my broadband seems to be slow, is there a problem?’

Unless there is a network breakdown (in which case you’ll have NO broadband), the answer is almost always a problem with the wifi connection within your home / office.

Please take into account the following points if you think the Green Grass Broadband service is running slowly:

  • Are you using wifi? If so, it will not be as fast as a wired connection.  The difference between wired and wifi will be affected by the signal to your device.  BT and Virgin now have a clause in the T&Cs stating that they will only consider speedtest results that use a cable plugged DIRECTLY into their router.
  • When did you last reboot (switch off) the device that is running slowly? Very few people reboot ipads and phones more than every six months.
  • Are you using a really busy site that is struggling with the volume of traffic?
  • How many people in your house are using your broadband connection at the same time? Is someone doing something online that is hogging your available bandwidth? Even so, with the speeds across the GGB networks, the only time I’ve been alerted to a problem is when Xbox or Playstations are running upgrades. These are VERY data hungry and do slow other users down.
  • SPEEDTEST sites give different results. The following were all carried out on the GGB network within 15 minutes of each other. 


All are CABLED tests with a maximum speed of 50Mbps download and 10Mbps upload:

I use proof.ovh.net as it is reliable and consistent

proofovhnet test


Speedtest.net is very common it but does return variable results based on which server it uses to perform the test.  This test used XILO in Maidenhead (see bottom right).

speedtest1 270519

If it had selected Vodafone UK, the download result shows LESS THAN HALF the previous download speed

Picture2 270519

And then a comparable test with a WIFI connection on an iphone.

Picture3 270519


Finally, if you google ‘SPEEDTEST’ the first one on the list will be:

Picture4 270519

This is the result!

Picture5 270519a

This is less than 1/10th of the speedtest at the top!