Subscription packages (per month)

w.e.f. 1st March 2018, download speeds have been increased free of charge.

w.e.f. 1st December 2018, download speeds have again been increased free of charge.

Download speed (Mbps)*  25  30
40 45
Upload speed (Mbps)* 3 5
Monthly Data allowance (GB)** unlimited unlimited
Cost / month £40 £50

12 month contract 

*Maximum speed** Subject to AUP (Acceptable Use Policy)

GGB Ltd is not VAT registered, so there is no VAT to pay on the above prices.
Installation:    We keep it simple.  We provide everything you will need to get your computer or laptop up and running with fast Green Grass Broadband on the day.

We can supply you with a new wifi router as well.  Just let us know when you book your installation date.  They are £50 and we will bring one along ready setup specifically for you. 

Once it is all up and running, enter the new wifi password and you will have access to fast Broadband on the GGB network.

If your landline broadband speed is about 2Mbps of slower your installation may qualify for the Government / Wiltshire Council Better Broadband scheme.  This enables us to provide a FREE broadband service into your house (excludes wifi router).

Check your landline: you do not qualify (i.e. your BT supply is faster than 2Mbps download), we will carry out a site survey and provide you with a very competitive installation quote.

Installation includes:   

Installation of the external aerial (they are about the size of a dinner plate) and an internal power box.  This needs to go near a 13 amp socket.

Drilling a hole through the wall to run the cable from the aerial to inside. Provision of a LAN connection (computer plug) for your equipment.

Connection to your computer and all testing to ensure installation is working correctly.