We like to keep pricing simple: £40 per month for unlimited data.

The GGB networks provide different speeds, so please just ask me.

Speeds are based on a cabled connection to the GGB supply.  Some speedtests (such as supplied by google) have a tendency to under-read.  Please note that speedtests carried out with a wifi connection are not accurate and therefore can’t be considered.

GGB Ltd is not VAT registered, so there is no VAT to pay on the above prices.
Installation:    We also like to keep this simple.  We provide everything you will need to get your computer or laptop up and running with fast Green Grass Broadband on the day for £170.

Once the equipment is installed, we will provide you with a new wifi password and you will have access to fast Broadband on the GGB network.

Installation includes:   

Installation of the external aerial (they are about the size of a dinner plate or smaller than a bottle of beer – depending on which is required) and an internal power box.  This needs to go near a 13 amp socket.

Drilling a hole through the wall to run the cable from the aerial to inside. Provision of a LAN connection (computer plug) for your equipment.