Can I cancel my landline and save the monthly cost?

The short answer is yes.

I want to keep my old number as people do call me on it.

You don’t have to.  With GGB you can move ( it is called ‘porting’) your ‘landline’ to reach you over the internet with another supplier.  (You’ll need to check that you are not in contract with your current supplier).  This technology is called VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol).  If you’ve ever used Skype or WhatsApp, you’ve already used VOIP.

The great thing about this is that

  • You can cancel your BT landline contract, saving whatever you are paying them (subject to your contract term)
  • Your monthly ‘line’ rental is FREE with online suppliers
  • There is a one month contract period.
  • Call costs can be PAYG or £9.99 per month for unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in the UK. (£14.99 covers all of Europe)

The process:

Whilst this explanation may sound daunting it really isn’t that hard.

You will need to buy a box called an Analogue Telephone Adaptor.  There are lots available on Amazon but I chose one that was less than £30.  You’ll also need a little adaptor which is about £2.50.  This requires a little bit of setting up but I will write some notes which can be followed, or, for a modest fee, I’ll set it up for you.

You will need to create an account with an online telecoms company.  This is free with the people this company:

You can then ‘port’ over your number (ask them to move your existing number over from your current supplier).  An analogy for this is changing electricity supplier.  This takes about a week (you only lose the use of your line for about 10 minutes or less).  Your calls will then go over the internet.

Sipgate has lots of features and I have setup my ‘home’ number to be answered by sipgate directly.  If you call 01793 731268 please leave a message with your name and house name and I’ll be able to demonstrate one of the features of the free service.

You can then cancel your current contract IF you are out of it. (You will be charged for the 30 day notice period).